Our Mission Statement & Values

It's at the heart of what we do


At BlankKeyrings.co.uk, we offer an array of acrylic and recycled plastic promotional products for wholesale and bulk order purchases.  We supply high quality products at low cost to a number of sectors including: artists, photographers, event venues, mechanics, tradespeople, estate agents, locksmiths, and gifting / souvenirs companies.  We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service, thanks to our experienced UK-based team. 

From our most popular products clear keyrings to fridge magnets, photograph frames and even snow domes, we can really help you to set your brand or messaging apart with our #StandOut affordable products.



Need help with printing and assembly?  We can arrange this, too!  We can even supply you with a photo cutter!

We #MakeItEasy for you to #StandOut!


Our mission is to provide exceptional bulk and wholesale plastic product distribution services to artists, shops, trades and businesses throughout the UK whilst striving to maintain sustainable practices and continuing to improve our product range and processes. 

As a family-run business, we also pride ourselves on transparency and the ethical treatment of our staff, treating our staff fairly and promoting a balance between work and home life.  We pay our staff above the living wage and are keen to help our staff to learn new skills, should they wish to develop their skillset.



We are an Equal Opportunities employer and would always welcome applications from people with protected characteristics (including but not limited to) people of colour, people of all genders, sexes and sexualities, people of varying ages, people who are considered to have disabilities (and reasonable adjustments can and will be made) and people of all faiths and religions.



We are customer-driven and pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of customer service, as opposed to being a faceless e-commerce site. We aim to foster lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations, continuously improving our processes, and maintaining open lines of communication.

We strive to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique needs and tailoring our services accordingly. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing personalised, reliable, and timely distribution services, ensuring that every promotional gift reaches its intended audience on time and in pristine condition.



We have been members of the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) since 2012.  We are also members of the PAGE Partnership and have been since 2017.  We have also been members of the Good Business Charter since 2023.

We appreciate the impact of using plastics in our products but the products are durable and intended for longer-term use, as opposed to products which may well be biodegradable but perhaps are less durable or not intended for longer-term use.  Our supplier’s manufacturing process is regularly under review to ensure their environmental impact is taken into account, and we also offer recycled plastic alternatives. Our products are made in the UK to ensure that our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible and where we can be sure workforces are fairly treated and properly compensated for their hard work and dedication.



We are a paperless company (wherever possible) and will avoid printing anything onto paper unless it is absolutely required.

Through our practices and commitment to sustainability, we aspire to inspire other businesses and individuals to embrace more environmentally conscious choices. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a better future for generations to come.

We continue to educate our community on the use of plastics and strive to lead by example: we conduct our own in-house recycling both in the office and at home, including soft plastics, going beyond the recycling required by law. 

We also run an eco-friendly promotional products business called BusinessGiftUK.com where the core principle is sustainability; pushing businesses to consider the environmental impact of their buying decisions in relation to promotional products.  If you wish to consider a promotional product which has been made with sustainable materials as well as being ethically and sustainably sourced, please contact us. We have a wide-range of some of the most eco-friendly products on the market and would love to discuss these with you!

We encourage and facilitate hybrid working for our staff where possible, so that they can choose to work from home or to come into the office, situated in the beautiful grounds of Worden Park in Leyland, Lancashire.  Walking is encouraged where staff are able to do so, which is also (quite literally) a breath of fresh air!