Avoid The Carrier Bag 'Tax'

Large Jute Bag

Jute Bags are a great way to avoid the incoming carrier bag tax

As you're probably now well aware, the whole of the UK now has to adhere to a new charge that already applies in some of the Celtic nations as well as parts of Europe - the 'carrier bag tax'.

Whilst it isn't an entirely accurate name for the concept - it's catchy rather than factually correct - any shop with more than 250 employees across its entire chain is now required by law to charge you 5p for every carrier bag that you take in order to pack your shopping. It means that we're now being asked to take our own bags to the shops as a force of habit if we want to avoid having to keep digging around for extra loose change (though we're pleased to report that all proceeds after the deduction of costs will be given to good causes).

The environmentally-friendly policy is making reusable bags a much more attractive proposition than ever before - in particular the strong and durable Jute Bags, that we can offer in three convenient sizes.

Our Mini Jute Bag is ideal for those who just need a small bag to take care of the essentials, the Medium Jute Bag suits those who want the capacity of a large handbag and room for picking up a few essentials, and the Large Jute Bag is big enough to replace your normal supermarket shopping bag.

They will stand out from the rest, however, thanks to their distinct colours - black, pink or natural - and the option to insert your own photo or artwork into an image slot that takes up a large proportion of one side of the bag. How you choose to personalise it is up to you, but there will be no mistaking that it's your bag!

With prices from just £2.99 each, they can potentially pay for themselves within half a year if you go shopping a couple of times a week, but they'll last for far longer than that, and make you far happier when you look at your very own design!

Have a look at each bag now and consider the options for using them as a promotional giveaway, fundraiser or maybe just a little treat for yourself!

Sizes Available: