French fund raising success with promotional products made in the UK

Fund raising gifts made from blank coasters. Made in Britain.

Case Study: Really Handmade Crafts use blank coasters to raise money for local charities

BlankKeyrings are proud to be the official supplier of coasters, keyrings, fridge magnets and mouse mats to Really Handmade Crafts in Le Bourg Grand Brassac, France, owned by Suzie Pearson.  


Fund raising products for animal charities

Suzie creates bespoke handmade products to sell and raise money for local animal charities. She uses a range of mixed media including punch cartoons, encaustic wax, iris folding, zentangle, floral stamp designs, abstract alcohol ink and Celtic knots. 

She regularly supports Brantôme Police Horses, a local old dogs hospice, a French charity which sterilise feral cats and the French guide dogs for the blind association by donating all the raw materials and her time to the charities. Every centime people donate by purchasing her coasters goes directly to helping the animals. 


Unique Limited-Edition Gifts 

Suzie believed that there wasn’t anything like blank acrylic coasters available in rural France, until she was introduced to BlankKeyrings by a friend. She immediately knew that she could use them the minute she saw one, due to the insert depth that can accommodate a range of mixed media artwork. She also plans to use glass coasters to create a more premium product. 

She didn’t realise that there was anyone who could provide her with the lower quantities that she required. The individually designed coasters have become a huge success. 

She told Jess Helm at BlankKeyrings “You are brilliant! I deal with many small firms: the craft industry is stuffed full of tiny enterprises. Many of them are very good, dedicated and helpful but I do think that the way you are prepared to deal with such tiny orders and make me feel just as valued as the big boys. The quality of your products is always of the highest. From the speed of service, the careful packaging and the personal touch, you are really superb in every department.” 


Eco friendly craft gifts

The coasters bought by Really Handmade Crafts are the CG02 glass coasters and the CS02 Acrylic Square Coasters. Both products hold an 80 x 80 mm insert and are manufactured in the UK, in eco-friendly factories and not shipped halfway around the world.  


Expanding range

Suzie has expanded her range to include the large Wallet Keyrings and the insert Mouse Mats to broaden the appeal and build on the success of the coasters. The IA02 Wallet Keyring has a generous print area of 51 x 73mm, they also can accommodate for deeper mixed media inserts. The IM02 Mouse Mats show a large, visible 225 x 195 mm insert.  


Get in Touch 

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