IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm

IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm Blank
IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm Blank
IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm Blank
IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm Unassembled
IZ02 Keyring 45x70mm Unassembled

Product Code: IZ02

Matching product to our FZ02 fridge magnet, the IZ02 is a great extra option if you're looking for somewhere to home your 45x70mm inserts.

Made in the UK.

Very similiar product to the L4 keyring. To differentiate between the two, you have to look at the link between the body and the ring. The IZ02 link is nylon and lies flat, whereas the L4 link is metal and triangular.

Either way, you're purchasing a durable product that will stand the test of time, and takes just 10 seconds to assemble each keyring.

Photo cutter available: CH7045.

Want us to do the insert printing and cutting? See here: Standard Print & Cut.

These keyrings are shipped with free delivery to UK mainland customers - see our Shipping & Payment section for full details.

Trade Prices ex VAT

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