AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm

AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm Blank
AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm Blank
AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm Blank
AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm Unassembled
AVBZ Vision Blox 45x70mm Unassembled

Product Code: AVBZ

If you want to add a touch of quality to any desk, a great place to start is by using Visionblox™ Paperweights.

With room for the same 70 x 45mm insert as our standard magnet & L4/IZ02  keyrings  you'll find these AVBZ acrylic paperweights to be a practical way of getting your message across, neatly encapsulated at the base of a 70 x 45 x 20mm clear acrylic cuboid.

What's more, the weighted base that ensures it works as a paperweight is magnetic, meaning that it can also double up as a fridge magnet if desired.

It's an eye-catching method of serving up the design or photo you're looking to promote, so invest in this easy-to-assemble product from the famed Adventa range if you want to look the part.

Create your own gifts for friends and family with your best images.

These paperweights are shipped with free delivery to UK mainland customers - see our Shipping & Payment section for full details.

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