RI06 Rulers 15cm

RI06 Rulers 15cm Blank
RI06 Rulers 15cm Blank
RI06 Rulers 15cm Blank
RI06 Rulers 15cm Unassembled
RI06 Rulers 15cm Unassembled

Product Code: RI06

This versatile ruler is ideal for your pocket or pencil case thanks to its handy 6" (15cm) size.

Made in the UK.

It is also easy to send out as part of a mailing, as the sturdy and robust design stands up well to transit within a DL envelope.

Create a design that stands out wherever it is used by inserting standard paper inserts or thicker craft inserts.

The sturdy domed-top lens also helps to enhance the 27mm x 148mm print, ensuring that nobody will miss your message.

Quick and easy to assemble, these rulers can be put together in about 10 seconds.

These are the ideal ruler for people who only need a small number of rulers for their project.

These rulers are shipped with free delivery to UK mainland customers - see our Shipping & Payment section for full details.

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